With over 15 years of expertise in the Build and Design industry, Bendave Constructions specializes in home renovations, extensions, basement and loft conversions in London. Their extensive experience enables them to comprehend the intricacies and potential challenges that may arise during any construction project, all while prioritizing the privacy and security of their clients’ homes.

Bendave Constructions takes pride in providing a comprehensive “One Step” service and solution for the design and construction of projects. Their commitment to delivering exceptional results ensures security and peace of mind for their clients, guaranteeing a reliable and trustworthy service throughout the entire process.

Project Details

When Bendave Constructions approached our team, they had a clear objective in mind: to develop a new website that effectively showcases their range of building services, such as Design-Build Extensions, Demolition, Renovations, Loft Conversion, and New Build Developments. Additionally, they required a new logo to enhance their brand identity.

To meet their requirements, we focused on incorporating strong calls to action and impactful imagery throughout the website. Our aim was to create an easy-to-navigate platform that not only entices visitors but also provides informative content about Bendave’s portfolio. In response to the client’s request, we included a dedicated Projects gallery. This gallery showcases the before and after visuals of each project, accompanied by detailed explanations of the work processes involved.

Through our efforts, we successfully created a visually appealing and user-friendly website that effectively highlights Bendave Constructions’ services, showcases their completed projects, and educates visitors about the intricacies of each venture.