Chiswick Dental Care clinic, located in the vibrant West London, is dedicated to delivering comprehensive dental services encompassing both general and cosmetic dentistry. With a strong focus on patient care, their utmost goal is to ensure outstanding dental well-being for all individuals.

The clinic has diligently crafted an ambiance that fosters relaxation, comfort, and a friendly atmosphere, fostering an environment conducive to exceptional oral health. By prioritizing the needs of their patients, Chiswick Dental Care strives to provide top-notch dental care in a welcoming setting.

Project Details

Chiswick Dental Care approached us to develop a website with the primary objective of attracting new patients from Chiswick and the surrounding areas. Their requirements included a clean and user-friendly design, easy navigation, informative content, and an appealing aesthetic. The website had to be responsive across all devices and comply with GDPR, GDC, CQC, and NHS guidelines.

In collaboration with our client, we expanded the website’s informative pages to highlight the comprehensive range of dental services offered. Additionally, we incorporated educational resources to promote oral health among patients. The website featured an updated NHS and Private price list for transparency on dental treatments.

Furthermore, a new section was created to showcase before and after photos of patients, serving as testimonials to the exceptional work performed by the dental surgeons.

For the Chiswick Dental Care SEO project, our main objective was to increase patient traffic from the local area. Our initial focus was on analyzing the website’s on-page SEO elements to ensure compliance. We reviewed code configurations for effective indexing on Google Search. Next, we developed relevant content and implemented targeted keywords based on the website’s services. Lastly, we conducted off-page SEO activities, such as adding the website to online directories and obtaining links from dental-related websites, to enhance its search engine ranking.