Mark Whaymand Club is a music website dedicated to the talented musician Mark Whaymand. Mark’s musical journey began in his younger years, starting with keyboards and later finding his true passion for playing the saxophone. Over time, he honed his skills and began writing his own music. One of his notable compositions, the song ‘To Be Someone,’ is set to be featured in the upcoming film of the same name, expected to be released in Spring 2020. Mark Whaymand Club celebrates Mark’s musical accomplishments and provides a platform for fans to engage with his work.

Project Details

Mark Whaymand Club enlisted the services of Yoan Systems to design a vibrant and uncomplicated website that adheres to GDPR compliance. The primary objective was to ensure the website’s compatibility across various mobile devices.

Our team was tasked with creating a YouTube Channel where Mark Whaymand could easily upload his videos. These videos would then be embedded onto Mark Whaymand’s website from his YouTube channel. Additionally, we were responsible for designing an appealing Picture Gallery where Mark could share future pictures.

Upon completion of the project, the website showcased Mark’s musical passion through visually engaging content. The use of simple yet captivating content writing effectively conveyed his story. The website features an intuitive menu navigation toolbar, enhancing the overall visitor experience and ensuring easy access to desired information.

Overall, the collaboration resulted in a visually striking website that effectively tells the story of Mark’s musical journey. The integration of YouTube videos and an attractive Picture Gallery further enhances the user experience and engagement.