Prowexx has emerged as the premier online platform for facilitating efficient connections between small producers and the UK market. With a dedicated focus on supporting SMEs in emerging markets, Prowexx offers comprehensive assistance throughout the export process. This includes providing a platform for marketing their products and offering financial solutions to enable seamless business transactions within the UK market. Prowexx serves as a valuable resource for SMEs looking to expand their reach and successfully navigate the complexities of international trade.

Project Details

Prowexx approached our team to develop a website that would enhance their brand presence and establish them as a modern and experienced advisory service, revolutionizing international trade practices. They sought a flexible and experienced image, reflected in their branding. Our task was to create an informative and comprehensive website that adhered to GDPR compliance while incorporating the following key elements:

User account creation
Registration for buyers and sellers to facilitate communication
Clear explanation of the trading procedure
Multilingual functionality

Moreover, the client requested a mobile-compatible website, ensuring seamless viewing across various mobile devices. Upon completing the project, we conducted On-Page SEO checks to ensure compliance with all essential on-page SEO elements. Our collaboration resulted in a dynamic website that effectively promotes Prowexx’s services and provides an optimal user experience.